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Sale and distribution of ventilation systems, extraction fans/dehumidifier, fresh air valves, vent grills, balanced ventilation systems for both residential and commercial buildings.

Sale, distribution and installation of foundation protection membranes, damp proofing and drainage membranes in addition to roof underlays to avoid moisture damage of roofing structure or ceilings in case of a leakage.

Engineering consultancy/advisory on the building of tunnels, underground mines and spaces, slope stability, bridges and culverts.

Engineering consultancy/advisory on the building of basements and multifloor basements for living spaces, parking, storage, bunker, emergency evacuation etc.

Installation of ventilations systems for clean fresh air.

Civil engineering advisory and general geo-engineering consultancy.

VENTIGEO - Ventilation and Geo-Engineering

P.O. Box CT 8832, Cantonments, Accra - Ghana /

0204716257 / 0550451531