About Us

One stop engineering firm for all your fresh air ventilation, foundation and roof protection needs.

About Us

Clean, healthy and comfortable indoor climate while protecting properties and prolonging its lifespan. This is what our customers deserve and that’s why we constantly introduce new products and solutions to protect properties from damage especially moisture and also for clean and fresh air in residential and commercial buildings.

With backgrounds and about 10 years personnel working experience in civil engineering, geotechnical and engineering geology in Europe, VENTIGEO Ltd stands as an invaluable partner in your building and construction projects from A to Z.

We are however constantly striving for very well needed expertise skills for healthy safer homes. As a result we have made VENTIGEO a one stop engineering firm for all your fresh air ventilation, foundation and roof protection needs. We have partnered with reputable European market leaders in the field of ventilation (FLEXIT), foundation –and roof protection systems (DOERKEN DELTA) to make it easily accessible good quality systems for Ghana and the West African region. FLEXIT has over 40 years been a market leader in ventilation in Norway while DELTA has over 100 years been Germany’s market leader in the field of foundation protection and roof underlays

With the right use of FLEXIT and DELTA systems sole-distributed by us, discomforting and unhealthy moisture levels indoors and moisture damage of concrete and masonry is a thing of the past. Marketing and sales is towards house owners and builders, real estate developers, engineers and architects, HVAC professionals, etc.

VENTIGEO also undertakes consulting assignments as experts in engineering geology and geotechnical engineering with a good track record of projects in tunneling, underground basements and multifloor underground carparks, hydropower dams, roads, rock support for underground mines, openings and tunnels.

Our Misson

To promote good and sustainable building practices for healthy, safer and comfortable living spaces.

Our Vision

To become the preferred professional and recognised material distributor staying up to date with modern trends in the field of geotechnical building materials and ventilation-systems.

Our Partners

We work with renowned market leaders in the fields of damp-proofing and ventilation


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